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Part of Well & Reservoir Surveillance and one of the Subsurface E&P Disciplinesrelated to measuring well volumetric flow rate and wellbore pressure in one or few selected wells and analysing pressure-rate correlation.

Unlike production analysis which normally covers a time period from few months to many years, well tests are rather short and normally take from few hours to few weeks.

The quantitative interpretation is based on: 

There are different ways to classify the 
well tests.

One way is to split well tests into two major categories:

The other way is to split well tests by the location where the measurements are taken and the well completion status:

Third way is to split well tests by number of wells involved: 

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SPE – John P. Spivey and W. John Lee, Applied Well Test Interpretation, SPE Textbook Series Vol. 13, 2013

Fekete – Reference Materials

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