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Part of Field Development Planning (FDP) related to planning the field-average or individual production and injection targets, based on the current reservoir recovery schedule.

The production rates may be set directly via pump settings or calculated based on THP and formation pressure p_e (which is a usual case in injection wells):

(1) q^{\uparrow} = J \cdot ( p_e - p_{wf} )
(2) q^{\downarrow}_{WI} = J_{WI} \cdot ( p_{wf} - p_e )
(3) q^{\downarrow}_{GI} = J_{GI} \cdot ( p_{wf} - p_e )

Producing wells may spontaneously vary between Constant rate production: qL = const and Constant pressure production: pwf = const (see Constant rate production: qL = const for alternation details).

There are different methods to calculate optimal Production Targets (see  Production Targets Optimisation @model).

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