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A Business Asset operating in Upstream branch of Oil & Gas Industry.

The key operational Product of Petroleum Asset is commercial petroleum delivered to the point of the Custody Transfer.

Additionally, Petroleum Asset can sell other Products, usually various petroleum Services.

The key Fixed Assets of Petroleum Asset are: 

The Petroleum Fields is the centre point of the Petroleum Asset which constitute foundation for Subsurface facilities and Surface facilities.

The usual practise is to create Field Development Plan for each and run operations along it.

The governments may impose different restrictions, recommendations and regulations on when and how the Petroleum Asset should build the Field Development Plan and then monitor the compliance.

Petroleum Asset Summary provides a high level review of the Petroleum Asset (usually with breakdown by Petroleum Fields) which comprises the minimum number of inputs to assess its profitability and potential capital value.

Petroleum Asset is run by Petroleum Asset Team in the interest of Asset owners.

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