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Measuring device recording various well-related and reservoir-related data (called well logs) while travelling along the borehole.

Downhole logging tools are divided into two categories:

Surface Read Out logging toolsMemory logging tools
which are powered and commanded via braided line from the surface and send the data readings to the surface in real-timewhich are battery powered and record the data readings in built-in memory and only use wireline as the tool carrier

The downhole logging tool consists of the following components (courtesy of ZSCAN):

A pair of downhole logging tools in transportation caseA pair of  fully assembled tools with two cable heads

Partially Disassembled ToolHigh Pressure Housing

Protecting the tool electronics from mechanical, pressure and chemical impact

Cable HeadBullnose
Providing the connection to the cable, can be a removable component or a welded element of the housing

Protecting the sensors from mechanical exposure

Junction cross-overTool assembly without a Housing
Connecting one tool with another

Sensors unitElectrical Circuit Board
Providing the electrical response to the corresponding physical property of the surrounding media

Providing the recording of the sensors' data, primary processing and data transfer to desktop computer

Battery unit (in case of Memory Logging)Modem unit (in case of  Surface Read Out Logging)
Providing the electrical power for Electrical Circuit Board in case of 

Providing the electrical power for Electrical Circuit Board and data transfer between the tool and surface and Surface Read Out Panel  

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