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The basic set of
 Model Validation metrics against certain dataset (could be the Training dataset or Validation dataset).

There is no complete set of numbers to define the  Goodness of fit
 and different studies may use different sets of Goodness of fit metrics.

The most widely used set in engineering practice is
summarized  in the table below:

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[ Mathematics / Statistics / Statistical Metric ]

[ Mean Square Deviation (MSD) = Mean Square Error (MSE) ]

[ Root Mean Square Deviation (RMSD) = Root Mean Square Error (RMSE) ]

[ Average Relative Error (ARE) = Average Percentage Error (APE) ]

[ Average Absolute Relative Error (AARE) = Average Absolute Percentage Error (AAPE)]

[ Maximum Relative Error (MAXRE) = Maximum Percentage Error (MAXPE) ]

[ Maximum Absolute Relative Error (MAXARE) = Maximum Absolute Percentage Error (MAXAPE) ]

[ Coefficient of determination (R2) ][ Pearson correlation coefficient (ρP) ][ Correlation skewness ]

[ Validation Cross-Plot ]

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