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Duong mathematical model of Decline Curve Analysis is based on the following equation: 

(1) q(t)=q_0 \cdot \, t(a,m) + q_{\infty}

daily production rate

(2) Q(t)=q_0 \cdot t(a,m) \cdot \frac{t^m}{a}

cumulative production Q(t)=\int_0^t q(t) dt

(3) t(a,m) = t^{-m} \cdot \exp \left[ a \cdot \frac{t^{1-m} -1}{1-m} \right]

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Duong, A.N. 2011. Rate-Decline Analysis for Fracture-Dominated Shale Reservoirs. SPE Reservoir Evaluation & Engineering 14(3): pp. 377-387. DOI: 10.2118/137748-pa

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