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One of mathematical models of Decline Curve Analysis based on the following equations: 

(1) q(t)=q_0 \cdot \exp \left[ - \int_0^t D(Q(t)) \, dt \right]
(2) D(Q) = {\rm ANN}(Q)


q_0 = q(t=0)

Initial production rate of a well (or groups of wells)

\displaystyle D(t) =- \frac{dq}{dQ}

Production decline rate

\displaystyle Q(t)=\int_0^t q(t) dt

cumulative production

{\rm ANN}(Q)

artificial neural-network regression of  Production decline rate D on cumulative production Q

DCA ANN is an empirical correlation for production from both finite-reserves Q_{\rm max} \leq \infty or infinite-reserves Q_{\rm max} = \infty reservoirs. 

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