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  • Create short-term prediction model on production response to various multi-well production regimes

  • Compare the well dynamics and and cross-well connectivity with expectations and identify the candidates for drilling, workover or additional well surveillance

  • Assess dynamic reservoir properties



Production History

Simulated total subsurface flowrate history,

LaTeX Math Inline

Simulated BHP history,

LaTeX Math Inline

Simulated formation pressure history,

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Simulated Productivity Index history,

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Simulated Cross-well interference history

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body--uriencoded--p_%7Bk \rightarrow m%7D(t)

Production Forecast

Rate forecast under Pressure Control regime, 

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body--uriencoded--p_k(t), \%7B q_m(t) \%7D \rightarrow q_k(t)

BHP forecast under Liquid Control regime, 

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body--uriencoded--\%7B q_m(t) \%7D \rightarrow p_%7Bwf, \, k%7D(t)

Formation pressure forecast under Liquid Control regime, 

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body--uriencoded--\%7B q_m(t) \%7D \rightarrow p_%7Be, \, k%7D(t)

Diagnostic Metrics

Cross-well interference map
Unit-rate Transient Response Matrix (UTRM)
Unit-rate Transient Response Spider (UTRS)
Material Balance Pressure Plot
Inflow Performance Relationship (IPR)
Cumulative Productivity Plot (Hall Plot)
WOR diagnostics
GOR diagnostics
Primary Well & Reservoir properties

Potential drainage volume
Current dynamic drainage volume
Secondary Well & Reservoir properties

Apparent transmissibility
Apparent skin-factor 
Fracture half-length
Dynamic fracture pressure threshold