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A set of knowledge domains facilitating Upstream operations:  

Petroleum GeologyStudying reserves structure and volumes
Rock GeomechanicsStudying response of rock and rock masses to the forces or displacements
PetrophysicsStudying rock properties
Reservoir EngineeringModelling well and reservoir flow dynamics and generating forecasts
Well & Log AnalysisDesigning and interpretation of well logs
Well TestingDesigning and interpretation of well tests
Production AnalysisLong-term analysis of production history
Fluid Analysis (PVT)Modelling fluids produced from or injected into the petroleum reservoir
Drilling EngineeringDesigning and monitoring the well drilling
Workover EngineeringDesigning and monitoring workovers
Production TechnologyWell Performance Analysis and Production Planning
Subsurface Chemical EngineeringDesigning the chemical treatments facilitating the optimal well and reservoir performance
Field Development PlanningCreating Field Development Plans

The first three disciplines and a part of the fourth discipline are often refereed as Geology and Geophysics (G&G).

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