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A set of Subsurface Production Operational activities towards execution of Field Development Plan.

The key instrument of WRM is Nodal Analysis which leads to a proper selection of WRM Activities.

The WRM Activities are usually classified by the purpose: 

The WRM Activities are facilitated by following execution mechanisms: 

Prioritizing of WRM Activities is based on technical feasibility and economics, provided by WRM Activity Value @model.

This particularly leads to the following major asset challenges:

1Where to drill the new well or side-track and how to completion it ?
2Which wells to workover and how ?
3Which wells to change the flow rate and whether increase or decrease ?
4What fluid and at what time to inject ?
5Is there a bottleneck in surface infrastructure and whether it needs update ?

The answers to these questions are provided by playing the various scenarios over the calibrated full-field flow model.

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