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One of the Subsurface E&P Disciplinesrelated to long-term analysis of production/injection history and its correlation with bottom-hole pressure measurements and/or formation pressure from well tests.

The key objectives of Production Analysis is to understand the historical flowrate dynamics (and its components water cut Yw and gas-oil-ratio GOR) in the context of Well-Reservoir System (WRS) and predict its future dynamics in response to other dynamic variables.

Unlike Well Tests which normally last for few hours or few weeks, Production Analysis usually covers a time period from few months to many years.

Some properties of Well-Reservoir System (WRS) can be assessed through both Production Analysis or Well Tests (for example, Productivity Index and drainage volume ) and some other properties are specific to either Production Analysis (for example, Watercut Diagnostics  ) or Well Tests (for example, skin-factor).

Production Analysis is usually split into the following categories by objectives:

and into three categories by the mathematical methodology:

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