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Subsurface reservoir containing petroleum hydrocarbons and other petroleum reservoir fluids.

It should not be confused with Hydrocarbon Deposit which is a part of Petroleum Reservoir with dominating saturation by petroleum hydrocarbons.

Apart from Hydrocarbon Deposit the Petroleum Reservoir may include Formation water and Injection water and other fluids under anthropogenic activities.

Its structure and properties are described by Depositional faciesLithological facies and Petrophysical rock properties and fluid properties of petroleum reservoir fluids.

The size, structure and complexity of Petroleum Reservoirs are normally characterized by the generally accepted metrics on Hydrocarbon Reserves Classification.

In general case Petroleum Reservoir may share the connected volumes of Hydrocarbon Reservoir and Aquifer (Fig. 1):


Fig. 1. Example of the Petroleum Reservoir consisting of Hydrocarbon reservoir and Aquifer.

Studying Aquifer properties (such as reserves and permeability) is important part of Subsurface E&P Disciplines as it has a direct impact on Petroleum Production.

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