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The difference between phase pressures due to difference in fluids interaction with rock matrix:

(1) p_{cog} = p_o - p_g

-gas capillary pressure

(2) p_{cow} = p_o - p_w

capillary pressure

Capillary pressure is a function of reservoir saturationpermeability and wettability.

One of the strong assumptions in reservoir fluid dynamic modelling is that 3-phase capillary pressure is a function of one saturation only:

(3) p_{cog} = p_{cog}(s_o)

a function of oil saturation only s_o

(4) p_{cow} = p_{cow}(s_w)

a function of water saturation only

Mathematical model of capillary pressure is given by interpolation of laboratory data and also by a number of physical and empirical capillary pressure correlations

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